Problem with certificates


We are experiencing issues with the certificates generated by lets encrypt.

On certain locations (mostly Chile and some users in México) the certificate expired on Sunday, Jun 7 (it shows security alert) but on other locations (México) the certificate is valid (it will expire con Sunday, August 16)

I already ask for a certificate renewal (about 2 hours ago) but I still have the same behavior
Is there anything additional I can do to solve this?, Is it normal to have different certificates ?

Site name :

Hi, @cumplo, thank you for notifying us about this issue.

In order to troubleshoot this, we need to be able to track the HTTP response with this issue. The simplest way to do this is to send us the x-nf-request-id header which we send with every HTTP response.

There more information about this header here:

If that header isn’t available for any reason, please send the information it replaces (or as many of these details as possible). Those details are:

  • the complete URL requested
  • the IP address for the system making the request
  • the IP address for the CDN node that responded
  • the day of the request
  • the time of the request
  • the timezone the time is in