Problem with authentication - Unable to push lfs and VScode popup

Working on a branch, I have been getting a really annoying popup for a few days

I just tried to push some new images which failed and I think the problems are connected.

git lfs status

On branch NLM
Git LFS objects to be pushed to origin/NLM:

        src/assets/images/innovation.png (dc8b795b8b5134890942933bb1812f8890535a6dcc15a056d69a4fdca1650ead)
        src/assets/images/integrity.png (76491b3b117507ecb6a7e554137e47a47ad3e257140f2c6e1211a0fcb934cc46)
        src/assets/images/loading.png (0a7335ace7c03ca2bafc7aed49c7aa403b7840efb7bd71e0820aa31b4b1c702c)

git lfs push

Specify a remote and a remote branch name (`git lfs push origin master`)

git lfs push origin NLM

Says it’s done it’s job but files remain staged.

remote origin = so using ssh. However, this hasn’t mattered before now.

Have already tried unlinking project and logging out

Following in config

	helper = netlify
[lfs ""]
	access = basic
	locksverify = false

Deleted netlify credential helper and installed again. Still same problem.

Hi, @CraigC. My best guess is that VSCode is using a different version of Git or not using the same shell environment that the CLI version of Git is using.

In a terminal window and in the base directory of the repo, would you please send us the output of the following commands?

netlify lm:info
git config -l
GIT_TRACE=true GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=true git lfs push --all origin

The the last two commands above might output private information. If so, please feel free to redact those details or to private message (PM) the information instead of posting it publicly.

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Hi Luke,
Thanks, finally got round to having a look at this.
Have sent a PM

Hi, @CraigC. You sent me the output of running Git commands on the command line. However, the issue you are experiencing isn’t with Git on the command line. The issue you are experiencing is with VSCode.

I think VSCode is using its own built-in version of Git:

If this is so, I’m doubting it will use our credential helper. I believe you are going to find that VSCode and our Large Media feature are incompatible for this reason.

Do you have a way of debugging VSCode’s Git configuration? I ask because I have no experience doing that.

Now, if you find a way to get VSCode to use your local Git installation (and therefore to get it to be compatible with Large Media), please let us know. Similarly, if you have other questions we will be happy to answer.


I did read that wrong and it does leverage the local systems Git installation. However, what we need is to see the output of those commands as VSCode would run them. I’m guessing that the environment for VSCode is different that your personal environment and this is likely causing a difference when VSCode tries to do things (because it is missing the Git credential helper).

I’m still stuck as the “how do we see what VSCode sees” step though. Do you have ideas about how to debug that?

Thanks Luke. For this I am minded to disable the git extension and have done with it. I’m working on the project less and less. I can upload new media via forestry so don’t really need to be able to add from my dev environment. Most images are user uploaded.

I think this was a mixture of a plugin and also a setting on the repo being reverted to allow Git LFS which needed to be disabled. I have no idea when or how this setting was reverted.

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Thanks for following up and sharing this, @CraigC ! This will be helpful should any other Forums members encounter something similar.