Problem to connect adsence with netlify

netlify site name: animated-sunflower-50fca5 / instagramfontname / vermillion-biscotti-27f089 / cozy-pothos-8ec1e1 / teal-sunflower-f84ab7 / charming-kangaroo-bd5fe0

@maroc.yes.1993 Can you provide more details on what you’re trying to insert, and what AdSense is reporting.

E.g. What do you mean by “AdSense doesn’t accept it”?

Checking only the first url I can see a 403 error which means Forbidden, so my first wild guess would be that the details are wrong.

@nathanmartin hi friends, thanks for your answer, I’m trying to insert my code AdSense script “” and I mean by “AdSense doesn’t accept it” that always when I apply to Monetization, absence doesn’t accept me, and when I read the detail I find the same message to put my ads code inside , but I’m already doing

it so many times, thanks for your help

Doesn’t sound like a Netlify issue then? Did you try contacting AdSense?

hi @nathanmartin @hrishikesh
Hi friends thanks for your answer the problem is not from Adsense because they don’t find my code inside my website as I will show you inside the picture, for example in pics 1 the reply is from absence, pics 2 is my code inside netlify, can I have help thanks

Hey @maroc.yes.1993 , in the second screenshot you provided it looks like you’ve misspelled “AdSense” as “Adsence”. This could be why it’s not working correctly when you deploy your site.

Can you try fixing the spelling and see if that helps?

@maroc.yes.1993 What @amelia is referring to is this: