Ads on website despite following instructions

Hello, my netlifly site name is

The domain expired a while ago and I did what support suggested: I removed it from the site in the UI, and then re-added it as a new custom domain to initiate the purchase (if it is still available on the market). And then completed the purchase.

But the ads are not gone from the website and its not an https website. please help!!

I’m not seeing any ads on your website.

“top-notch” betting is an ad :frowning: also, how do i get the SSL cert?

also even though i followed the steps, the domain still shows “expired in aug 22.” I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong…

hello, re-upping this - I’m not sure what I need to do to remove ads from my site.

Hi there!

First, it looks like SSL is unable to be provisioned because your DNS is not set up correctly. You need to remove your current nameserver records and follow this instructions here:

Regarding the ads on your page – it looks like maybe you utilized a template to build your site? Netlify does not add advertisements onto websites, so you’ll need to review your code to identify where these advertisements come from.