Google Ads Problem with Netlify Domain

we have some problems with Google Ads campaigns on one landing page hosted on netlify. Google usually scan domains ad find all pages that can create conflict or have some problems for campaigns. They said to us that there is some problem with domain “” because it has a wrong link with an external resource that create conflicts with scan operations. The problem is that this domain isn’t a project on our netlify account. So we are now stopped by google without have any solutions or changes to do to fix the issue.
How can we fix this problem?

@dancat93 Welcome to the Netlify community.

I must be missing something. Why not simply delete the offending link?

The problem is that offending link is in domain, and this is not a domain inside my account of netlify. This is an account of another user in netlify. So we have conflict for advertising campaigns with (our project) for problem generated in other user account.

@dancat93 Sorry I did not make myself clear. Why not delete the link? If you can’t delete the link, then how is this a Netlify-related issue?

@gregraven The problem is Netlify related because all netlify domain like appear for google scraping tool like a 3rd level domain of main domain.

For this reason, no one user that want to run advertising campaign on netlify domain can really do this because other users websites with error inside netlify can influence your account.

So we can’t run campaign on our website because google see all netlify 3rd level domains and can alway find error like skintoskin or error inside other sites that aren’t in my account.

@dancat93 Ah, then the solution is simple: Buy a custom domain name. This situation is not unique to Netlify. You would not want to try to run an ad campaign with a MySpace subdomain, etc. You need to own/control the apex domain to make some things work.

hi dancat93, thanks for explaining your issue!

We are aware that the domain is not necessarily showing up correctly everywhere - the main reason for this lies in the nature of having a product that many people use for free: Every day we spend time removing spammers and fraud sites from our platform, and of course these sites damage the reputation of the domain with large internet companies such as google search, and all of the other second tier companies such as spamhaus etc that take their cues from google.

We are actively working with as many of these large internet companies as we can to consider a publix suffix domain - this means that one site will not be penalized for the actions of another. But, unfortunately, it takes time to convince them that legitimate sites hosted on should not be penalized.

One thing you and everyone else can do is to immediately report any fraud/spammer sites you see hosted on netlify to fraud@ netlify and we will take them down. :no_good_woman:

In the meantime, as we work on improving the situation with google, bing, facebook, etc, we do have the workaround that greg described: The problem only occurs for people trying to use URLs that follow this format:

You will have no problems if you register a custom domain and link that to your netlify app, and then use that URL. You should have no problems using subdomains of custom domains either:

Let me know if this is helpful.