Privacy policies for hosted sites

I just moved a small personal non-commercial site from an unreliable private server to Netlify. This means I no longer have access to server log files for traffic analysis. I don’t want to pay for Netlify analytics because the info is more for curiosity’s sake than anything else but I’s still like to know basic traffic numbers. I am considering Google Analytics as a alternative. But that requires a privacy policy. Since my site’s visitor’s will also be subject to Netlify’s data collection policies I wonder if Netlify has any boilerplate text I can incorporate in my own PP? Or do I just include a reference to Netlify’s PP? (Is Netlify’s PP even relevant to hosted sites’ visitors?) And to be clear, I’m not looking for legal advice, just information about common practice. (I am new to all this if it’s not obvious.)

hi @smg, those are some good questions! I think that the answer is that you refer people to our data policy:

or, if you are thinking europe, our GDPR:

I have asked our Data protection officer to weigh in here as well.

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