Prerendering, SEO and languages issue

Hello everyone!
I’m getting stuck with the SEO optimization of a multi-language project, the custom domain is
I’m using Nuxt with all the Nuxt modules related to meta data and i18n.

The prerender is working (almost) fine: requests made with a bot user agent returns a prerendered markup and it is awesome :pray:.

But, when I crawl the site or some URL with Screaming Frog to analize it, all the italian pages have the english rendered content. Obviously this is very bad, for SEO and SERP purposes.

For example, scanning return meta data, H1 and everything in english.

Some info.

The SPA is working fine: the nuxt-i18n module do its job with meta data and content.
If I scan with Screaming Frog (with Javascript rendering activated) the page on my local server, I get the proper italian content.

If I scan/cURL the URL on Netlify (which has prerender activated), I get the English content.
If I make a cURL request to the URL on Netlify (which has prerender activated) I get the English content.

I cannot understand where is the problem.
Any hints and help would be very appreciated!

Hey there! Sorry for the hold-up in getting over to you. It’s a busy ol’ time!

Copy-pasting from a previous discussion for ya’:

Regarding cached prerendered content, there is no way to flush the cache. We cover this in our documentation on prerendering , quoting:

Our built-in prerendering service will cache prerendered pages for between 24 and 48 hours; this is not adjustable.

We do have a feature request raised internally to clear this upon deploy. I’ve pre-emptively gone ahead and added your voice to this :wink:!

Hello @Pie ,
I’m aware of the pre-render cache, but I don’t think that this is the problem I’m facing.

I tried different configuration during the week, waiting between 24 to 48 hours without success. I mean, I’ve seen the updates of the markup (for example, I tried removing canonical links and tweaking some meta) but the content was always in the wrong language.

Thanks :pray:,

Hey Davide,

I’ve pressed ahead and dropped the pre-render cache from our end to see if there’s any notable change for you. I’ll also respond to your DM shortly :+1:!