Prerendering cache busting


We just enabled prerendering on one of our installs, but now the async data function aren’t working.

We have tried to fix that and locally the prerender fix works, but when pushed to Netlify the fix won’t work due to a cached version of the site.

Is there any way to bust that cache and load a new version?

Hi there,

We can do it for you, but that cache is probably expired by now (too bad you didn’t include the site ID so we could remove the cache for you…in the future best to include the site URL in the request since that’s how things are keyed in our cache). Best practice is not to test any prerendering stuff on production URL’s when you might change them, since that cache is not impactable by you. Use test URL’s / pages :slight_smile:

I’m guessing you’ve seen this article that describes how you can debug prerendering, tossing it in here just for completeness: [Common Issue] Understanding and debugging prerendering