Preloading fails because img take on a "cloudfront" URL... but the link elements dont

I wish to know what determines the create of image addresses such as

<img alt="Logo du site" src="" width="300" height="139">

you can see it on website :

While on the other hand, on the nearly identical, the same image gets the URL that I created on my local build, which is

<img alt="Logo du site" src="/Images/history/symboles_site/brand_sample.webp" width="300" height="139">

Problem is this transformation only happens on IMG. But I used the link element to preload some images, and now I have

<link rel="preload" as="image" href="/Images/history/symboles_site/brand_sample.webp" type="image/webp">

which is indeed seen by the browser as targetting an existing image, so it preloads it, but it’s not used, presumably because the URL isn’t the same as the cloudfront one.
I understand (after testing) that it’s an automatic change made beyond a certain size threshold for the site, but it SUCKS, and I want my preloading to works :wink:
Thanks for your help.

Also, I tried to copy the site creating cloudfront urls to another site, with the exact same build, but URLs become normal. So I don’t know exactly what causes this annoying thing.

Hi, we won’t be able to help you. As the content on your site violates our subscription agreement and acceptable use policy so you are now banned from our platform.

Thank you.