Pre-Rendering with Gatsby Routing

I have a Gatsby powered website and recently ran into an issue regarding sharing pages on Social. Users of our application are able to upload data and then at the end of the process are given a URL where they can view this information. Previously, if they tried to share that URL immediately, the meta data would be way off as Gatsby has not run a build and therefore no rendered version of this page exists. I run a build every night via a CRON so the next day there are no issues when that URL is shared.

After thinking I was going to have to rebuild my app to handle this somehow, I realized that Netlify offers pre-rendering for pages, specifically bots and that’s really the only request that needed this pre-rendered page.

My question here is, once a build has created a page for the given upload will the CDN serve the “Netlify” pre-rendered page or the one made by Gatsby? I might also be missing a big point but just curious if users will get this Netlify pre-rendered page in any situation?