Gatsby Collection routes not server side rendering on Netlify

Netlify site name:

We are doing Gatsby serverside rendering with collection routes.

I am using the netlify cli to debug the issue locally.

I run gatsby clean and then netlify build.

I can see the rendered html in public/project/projectname

When I run it with gatsby serve I get server side rendering.

When I run it with netlify dev it does client side rendering, just like on our Netlify server.

I realise that the netlify cli may not work the same at Gatsby, but perhaps it indicates the cause of this problem?

hi there @jamesF! Sorry to be slow to get back to you. I had a chance to talk to some of our gatsby pros this week, and the verdict from them is that Netlify is going to mimic whatever happens when you run gatsby build - so basically, if you need server side rendering we do suggest you check out