Lamba as meta description

Hi, I wonder why on my website appear “Lamba” as meta description when sharing the website link on linkedin.
Is something related with netlify?

netlify url:
personal domain:


Hey @fabrizio

The reason you may have issues with rendering of social previews is you are using NuxtJS, which doesn’t produce static HTML pages, rather renders pages from JavaScript. Social previews on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, will read the metadata, such as og:image, og:description, as specified by The Open Graph Protocol. But these systems are unable to render the JavaScript like a browser would.

To eliminate this issue, you would look at pre-rendering the pages of your site, or switch from a non-SPA framework to a purely static framework such as Eleventy.

Hey @coelmay thanks for the reply.
Would I have the same problem using gatsby?


You would have the same issue with any framework that uses client-side rendering (of JavaScript), including Gatsby.