Pre-launch landing page


I have created a website with a git repo and I have 2 branches (the ‘master’ and the ‘pre-launch’). I have deployed both branches but I wish to only publish the pre-launch one, which will serve as a pre-launch landing page for my client’s site. Is there a way to link the custom domain to the pre-launch one and not the master one?

The idea is to keep building the website on the master branch.
My netlify site name:

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi @the-web-tailor :wave:t6: thanks for reaching out! You can setup a branch domain which is tied to the custom domain on your client’s site; then setup a redirect to the prelaunch site.


You can change the production branch to pre-launch and deploy this as the main website. Then when ready to launch change the production branch to master and deploy.


Thank you very much for your answer!

Thanks a lot for your help! I just switched the production brand to pre-launch and it worked perfectly.