PR Comment Updates and Deploy Preview QR Codes!

Bringing context to merge/pull requests is key to capturing a great developer experience. Being able to know the deploy status, access logs, and quickly open a deploy preview link combine to feel like magic. A few folks from the engineering team recently came together to make these comments even better. Here’s what we’ve improved:

  • Improved comment scanning and consistency with a new table-based layout of comments.
  • Improvements to the accessibility of comments by hiding the emojis with no contextual value from screenreaders.
  • Faster access to deploy previews on mobile devices with the addition of a new Preview on mobile comment section. This section provides a QR code to quickly open up this deploy preview on a mobile device.

The new QR code experience will help the whole team (developers, QA teams, product managers, etc.) quickly open up a deploy preview on mobile devices without having to type those delicious generated deploy preview names. A quick comparison show this was 133% faster in visiting deploy previews on mobile than manually entering a preview link. For teams working on the mobile web or on multiple devices… that adds up fast!

Shout out to the folks that contributed to this effort: @jasonb, Eric Silverman, @SeanRoberts, @uma, and @kristy!

Our team is proud to sweat the details to make great experiences! If you have any feedback with this update or ways to make comments better, follow up in this thread.


Thanks for this update @SeanRoberts, Really helpful!
Wanted to know if there is a QR Code generated for the main branch / site that is deployed on Netlify so that we can share our site with Users / Friends via QR code, not just a deploy preview?

There’s no such feature at the moment.

Hey @SanchitB23 !
We recently announced the ability to have the netlify drawer on branch deploys: QA and collaborate on branch deploys using the Netlify Drawer

Where supported, your main branch will also have this capability. So, by enabling that feature for branch deploys, you’ll find the Netlify drawer by opening your branch URL. On the left panel for the Netlify drawer you’ll see a “QR Code” link in the “Share” section. That is one way to get a QR code for sharing your main branch.