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New comment box powers in collaborative Deploy Previews

We’ve enhanced the comment box textarea inside the drawer of all collaborative Deploy Previews to include a toolbar of common text formatting options. This should make writing well-formatted pull request comments easier for the Reviewers on your team who may not be familiar with Markdown.

Additionally, we’ve added keyboard shortcuts that users have become accustomed to when leaving rich comments on the web, like ⌘B / ctrl-B for adding bold text, and ⌘K / ctrl-K for inserting a link.

If you’re writing a bulleted list, pressing the return key will continue adding bulleted items. If you’re writing a numbered list, pressing the return key will auto-increment the item on the next line.

You can also drag & drop image and video files directly onto the textarea to upload and display them in Markdown format. While we support native screen capture and screen recording via buttons in the drawer’s UI, drag & drop is an easy way to upload the files that you already have.

We hope you enjoy this new functionality! Let us know what you think!