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Collaborative Deploy Previews: Improved Reviewer signup, user profile settings, and annotation controls

We’ve recently rolled out a few changes to collaborative Deploy Previews, and want to make sure that you know about them!

Improved Reviewer signup

You can invite anyone you’d like to collaborate on upcoming changes to your site. These free seats are known as Reviewer seats, and you can invite as many as you’d like.

Send someone a link to one of your Deploy Previews, and when they open the Netlify Drawer, they’ll be able to create a Reviewer account on your team directly from the Drawer (previously, they would be taken to the main Netlify UI to complete the auth flow).

User profile settings

Now you can change your Netlify name and avatar from within the Drawer of a Deploy Preview. This is particularly useful for your Reviewers to edit some basic info about themselves, since they may not be familiar with the main Netlify UI.

To edit your profile settings, click your Netlify avatar in the bottom left-hand corner of the Drawer on any of your Deploy Previews. You can also sign out and into another account from this pane if you so desire.

Additional annotation controls

Annotating a screenshot is a great way to draw attention to a particular part of your site. Now, you can change the color of any arrows, shapes, and brush strokes that you draw on top of a screenshot. You can also overlay text too!

To find these annotation controls, log into the Drawer in your Deploy Preview, then click the “Take screenshot” button that appears when you hover over the Drawer icon. After a brief countdown, a modal dialog will appear with annotation tools.

Let us know what you think of these new changes!