Post processing for specific files only

Hello, amazing folks!
Hopefully, everyone is doing great?

I’m hosting a site for my client that has 10K+ static files :sweat_smile:
Initially, I failed to deploy since it was triggering a build timeout on post-processing. So I’ve disabled it and everything is working great.

But now we need a form on the site and I absolutely love Netlify’s Form feature. But I’d have to enable post-processing for that to work, which will, in turn, trigger the timeout for sure.

So, I was wondering if there’s a way to run post-processing for a specific file only? Or, any alternative way to set up a form without post-processing?

Thanks a ton for your time and kindness! :slight_smile:

No, why do you think you’ll need that?

Sadly, no.

I’m pretty sure Form is a part of post-processing? Here’s a link to the official page on post-processing: Post processing | Netlify Docs

Doesn’t the copy mean Netlify can’t detect form when post-processing is off?

Oh sorry, I mixed up post processing with asset optimization. But yeah there’s no way to enable it only on specific files. Currently, it’ll all or none.


Yeah, to echo Hrishikesh, this is unfortunately not currently possible :frowning: One weird thing you could try on a branch or demo site is: enable post-processing, create a site with a form and make sure it shows in the Forms tab and receives submissions, then disable post-processing (including form detection), add more files to the site, check if form is still available and receiving submissions.

If you wanted to share your Netlify url, we could also take a look at your deploy logs and see if we see any other ways to make this work!