Post processing enabled even when disabled in menu // Multiple"site is live" notifications // Always "new files to upload"

I am currently having an issue with GatsbyJS + netlify.

I have managed to get my build time down, currently building a 4000 page blog with tons of images. Before I was timing out constantly.

While I have sorted my build time issues of the actual application, now there is another issue.

Even with all post processing disabled from netlify menu, my build log still shows post processing in action, which I dont mind too much but the post processing alone now takes around 8 minutes to complete.

Another issue is it seems when post processing starts, 2 instances are started for a reason that I have no clue why. This ends up with “site is live” twice. I also get double notifications whenever “site is live” appears.

I dont understand why there are 2 post processing instances, is this normal?

My last issue comes down to on every build, netlify always has to upload “5000 new files”. This alone also takes a few minutes, is there anything to have netlify not upload 5000+ new files on every build?

Thank you for any help.

Hi @illitirit

Are you doing cache busting or changing every file with every deploy? That’s the only reason why we would have to re-upload every file. We check the SHA of all the files in your publish directory after your build process is done, unchanged files are not re-uploaded. Also can you link us to one of the deploys where you are seeing these messages? Thanks.

To follow-up here, Gatsby had a process that adds a hash to every file. Because of this, the process of checking SHA’s, that @futuregerald mentioned, always returns true, and thus every file needs to be uploaded.

Gatsby has since removed that hash from being added to all files and your uploads should act accordingly.

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That’s great information! Thank you for sharing, Thomas.

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