Polish only website. 60% of pageviews (14k) from USA. Why?

Hi, I have Polish only website konstytucja.online but 60% of pageviews (14k) is from USA. Any idea why?

I think that may be fb, linkedin, twitter ‘funnels’. I have over 400 links on twitter, hence I think that these 431 in top sources are underestimated image

One of my colleagues suggested that it may be search engines bots :frowning: What do you think?

I’d guess it is the social sharing services - we just debugged this for another customer whose business and visitors come entirely from EU, but the social sharing services - twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc - are all US-based, and we DO include bot counts in our traffic logs.

and I suppose that in the case of this customer there are a couple of k views which are assumed to be just direct links from twitter, fb, linkedin (not bots), is that right? I wonder why these ‘funnels’ aren’t counted up with the correct ‘top sources’ :confused:

Hey @mzalevski,

Correct; it’s the direct traffic count which is likely to include the bulk of bots and scrapers.

well, I think that the “top sources” chart twitter count is underestimated. Three weeks ago I’ve started twitter marketing and my total pageviews per month has risen by about 8 k views. You wrote that 1) views from USA could be assumed to be from social media direct links and 2) direct traffic is likely to have a bulk of bot views. I am confused. Imho the direct traffic has to have direct links views from twitter included coz there is no other place :confused:

Hi, @mzalevski, the “Direct traffic” source captures any HTTP requests for HTML files which included a Referrer header where the domain name in URL was konstytucja.online.

By far, the most common value in the last twenty-four hours for the Referrer header for this site is:


Any HTTP request using that value (or some other URL with the konstytucja.online domain name) will be counted as “Direct traffic”.

We don’t know why most of the traffic is coming from IP addresses located in the U.S.A., only that this is what is happening. We probably won’t be able to answer the “why” question. We see the fact that it is happening but we don’t have any insight into what drove that traffic.

Well, it seems that you have some work to do in Analytics then. I’d love to have that info. I am certain that its a common need to 1) filter out bot views and 2) have accurate info regarding source of the request -> twitter user from Poland who clicked a direct link to a given website should appear in the dashboard as top location: Poland & top source: direct traffic / twitter. Could you pass this as a feature request or smth please?

@luke btw my Analytics crashed today it stoped on 666 views in the morning and won’t move :confused:

hey @mzalevski, I am seeing what you are seeing! it does indeed look stuck. We are going to chat with the team responsible for analytics, and we’ll get some information on this back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience, I know this is frustrating.

Thanks @perry. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone: I have just posted a notice here:

With more information. I am going to close this thread to keep conversation in one place, but feeback and comments are welcome on the new thread linked above. thanks.

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