Plotly charts and some leaflet maps missing from website

Hi all,

New user here. Thanks for the great functionalities and ease of use…

I used the drag and drop folder feature to put a standalone (quite heavy ~ 80Mo) html file online (this html file was the product of a knitted rmarkdown document in Rstudio - it looked fine in Rstudio when the file opens locally). The folder contained the html file itself renamed ‘index.html’ along with a subfolder containing the associated files created during the knitting process.

The link that got produced is missing 3 plotly charts, a few leaflet maps (only 3 show up at the bottom, there should be 13) and the menu panel to the left.

Any idea why that is?

Probably because of this?

Thanks @hrishikesh for getting back to me… Unfortunately, i’m in unknown territory here : is there any way i should have picked up this error log somewhere? Is there a dashboard showing this that i’m missing?
What is the best way to go about this?

Your help is appreciated.

@Romain Errors of this type and other information can be seen in your browser’s developer mode window(s).

Also, 80mb is really pushing it in terms of file size for what you can expect from Netlify.

Alright, got it, thanks for your help…