Index.html gone in eleventy blog

I use eleventy for my blog. the main page isn’t showing up. i think the problem is that the index.html file is gone.
this deploy from 2022 has index.html:

Hi @rbman, thanks for the post and welcome to the Netlify Support Forums.

Your deploy file browser clearly shows that the index.html file is present.

First of all have you recently made any changes to your code and pushed the changes to your repository?
if possible can you share a link to your site so that I also visit from my end to see if it works or not.


thank you for responding to me, i highly appreciate it.

the photo i showed is a screenshot of an earlier deploy, on 2022. this is a deploy from yesterday, which has no index.html:

i also have left the website dormant since 2022, i haven’t made any edits since then.

the subpages still work well:

@rbman Is there a public repo for this project?

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i think this is what you want:

@rbman When I run your build locally I see:

After which the files inside public match the ones you’ve shown on Netlify:


Your build doesn’t produce an index.html in the root.

Two years ago you had an src/index.njk file that can be seen here:

You moved it to src/_includes/index.njk in this commit on 2023-01-05:

So it’s now in this location:

I don’t see any issue with Netlify here, this is just due to your own project code, you should adjust as necessary depending on what you’re trying to do.

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thanks a lot for helping m.