Drag and Drop Problem

Hello everyone I am new here on the platform and already have faced to a problem
When I try to deploy a site using drag and drop(I mean my create react app build folder) I constantly get an error

Make sure you drop a folder with an index.html

But everything is okay with my build folder and it actually contains auto generated index.html file.
Hope someone can help

It might be a temporary problem or might be some extensions. Try changing browser or device. If that does not work, it would be great if you can share the folder for others to diagnose.

@LJ1319 Welcome to the Netlify community.

Is your index.html file at the top level inside the folder or ZIP file you are dragging-and-dropping?

I just tried it with a known good site of my own and the site was ready within seconds.

Thank you for your responses
This issue slipped out of my mind because I didn’t have to use Netlify until today when I tried drag and drop from different browsers but still get the same error. My index.html file is at the top level inside the build folder (I don’t use zip archive)

You can try sharing the repo (or the zip of the folder) so one of us can check what’s wrong.

Ooh sorry to bother you I’ve just fixed the problem
It’s my Linux OS related problem, specifically uploading files from non-root HDD
Still appreciate your support <3