Please help me increase function timeout to 60s

Hi team,

Please upgrade our functions timeout limit to 60 seconds. Right now, it’s timing out after 10.

Let me know what else is needed from us.

Thank you

Site name: judi-nyayanidhi (site id: e923a42b-b15f-4b20-a961-2707faf78d12)
Site name: v2-nyayanidhi (site id: 447e8687-7b3f-4e0d-b7af-602cdda35e1d)
Site name: next-nyayanidhi (site id: 8c620b57-aee7-4c7d-bf8a-0c3a2fbf023b)

Hey there @adiiikris

Welcome to the forums! The maximum we can extend a function timeout to is 26 seconds, and this is only available to paid plans.

For anything longer than 26 seconds you may need to look into background functions here, which also requires a paid plan however.