Page Not Found Error

I have my site in html and css but I am getting error
“Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on this site.”
I have dragged and drop the complete folder

Welcome! Have you seen this post? It might help!

Yeah I have checked that but still its not working

Do you have a page called index.html in the publish directory of your site?

Yes I already have it in my directory

You have an index.html in the web directory, not your top level directory. So, if you go to, you’ll get the content of your /web/index.html page.

The web directory is not your publish directory. You’ll need to move the content of your web directory out in to the root directory. :slight_smile:

you mean in the main folder, I should put that?

Thanks Pieparker! I got that but after making changes should I simply drag and drop it?

Scott’s asleep but I can tell you that yes, that was his intended next steps for you :slight_smile:

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thanks! all working well now

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