Page Not Found issue for my deployed site

Page not found - Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on this site can anyone help me as I not getting where the issue as the link is not working

Hi @harshtiwari, glad to have you on the Netlify Support Forums. Welcome!
Fist of all if you have not visited the Netlify Support Guide link below, kindly do so as it contains troubleshooting steps to help solve the page not found problem.

If the above does not help kindly provide more information about how you deployed your site so that I can be able to properly assist you.
Also if possible you can provide a link to your repository in order for me to help with the debugging.

Let me know the outcome.


I try to use the site but it doesn’t work 01H68JR0ZS3RGGSQJ7KHE1W8J0

Hi @JoelMukambilua, can you provide more information about the problem you are facing for me to be able to assist.