Page crashing without error, just showing a <pre></pre>

I’m using next 13.4.9 and I have a problem.
I created a home page with an animation with the library GSAP.
It works when deployed, but sometimes I get a strange crash and the DOM looks like this:

Does anyone know what might be happening?

can you provide the name of the site/site ID so I can check

This is the url: or
The error happens only sometimes. Especially on mobile.

Ok, I saw the source of the problem. I still didn’t understand the reason. But I saw it was correlated with ISR. When the images in the homepage were refetched every minute, after a minute I was finding the error. I disabled ISR for this particular fetch and the problem was solved. Sadly, I didn’t get to know why it was happening. But at least it’s gone.

Thanks for being there, @SamO : )