Over 100x more views in Netlify Analytics than Google Analytics?

Hey there, @maxlaumeister :wave:

Thank you for taking the time to share those thorough thoughts. I have sent them directly to our product team.

I agree with Max here. I was about to sign up but after reading this thread I will have to go with the “less accurate” aka more accurate google analytics. I personally get no value in knowing the bot analytics.

My assumption is that this issue is probably very difficult to engineer.

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Hi @aaronconway! :wave:t6: Welcome to the forums. :netliconfetti: Thanks for chiming in the discussion. We really appreciate your feedback and thoughts and have passed this information to the adequate parties.

Netlify Analytics is unusable for me & my clients without this being fixed. For example, if it reports 1,000 visitors, all I know is that there were anywhere from 0-1000 real human visitors.

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Hi @olivergburke :wave:t6: , welcome to the forums! We are so glad you’re here. We appreciate the feedback you have provided and I have submitted a feature request to our product team. Thank you and happy building. :netliconfetti:

Hi, I just purchased netlify analytics and I regret it after reading this post… I was completely mislead by its advertisement. I hope you can take this issue seriously, as otherwise this feature is not useful at all.

Thanks for your consideration.

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I was going to buy Netlify Analytics. But now I know I shouldn’t. Thanks everyone for your honest review.

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They just launched a beta “real user metrics” feature but it’s for pro subscribers, so it’s kind of a joke :rofl: I feel scammed tbh

Real User Metrics is very different from Site Analytics, so comparing them makes no sense.

Also canceling netlify analytics subscription until metrics are interpretable in a meaningful way. We gain little information from say an uptick in page views if perhaps due to a new crawler coming online.

Love the service otherwise! Hoping to reenable soon. Much preferable to the performance hit from GA.

I also canceled my analytics subscription because of wildly inaccurate numbers. Seems like they might be being thrown off by mastodon nodes generating page previews or something.

Did you guys fix this?

The feature is working as intended. Could you clarify what you’re waiting for to be fixed?