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Over 100x more views in Netlify Analytics than Google Analytics?

I recently purchased Netlify Analytics for my main website, netlify site name maxlaumeister, hosted at maxlaumeister.com.

In the last 7 days, Netlify Analytics says that I’ve received 1,205 visitors to my /search/ page. Google Analytics says I’ve received 4. Not 4 thousand, just 4.

I expected to see a discrepancy since some users block Google Analytics, but this is a way, way larger gap than I expected. What could explain this?



We include bot traffic; google doesn’t.

Over the past 7 days, I see all of the top 4 user agents as being things that GA might miss. This is “number of resources served per user agent”:

Fascinating. Thanks Chris.

Looks like the bulk of it is Mastodon bots still trying to find the node I set up for a couple months for fun in 2018. Hopefully a robots.txt line will discourage them from coming back. And some 410s, for good measure. Thank you for that data.

Aside from that, it looks like there are a lot of other bots, which is fine and good except that it makes Netlify Analytics not useful for me unless there’s some way to filter them out of the data. I couldn’t find a feature on the dashboard for that.


Noted, @maxlaumeister - we definitely hope to refine this in the future.


Is this information available on the dashboard or whatever ? Or only for Netlify tech guys ?
Because I do not see this.


Hi, @divinerites, this is not information shown in the dashboard currently. I did add you the feature request to clearly segment all spider/crawler/bot traffic.

FWIW I saw a lot of discrepancies between Google’s and Netlify’s analytics (given the same time frame). I wrote them up in a post for anyone who feels so inclined.



Is there a way to differentiate bots from real users with Netlify analytics in 2021?

Hi @Alphability,

Unfortunately, no update at the moment.

Any update about Netlify Analytics?

What’s the roadmap for this?

Hey there, @Alphability :wave:

Unfortunately, I do not have an update to share publicly at this time. I know this isn’t the answer you were looking for. That being said, the team is aware that folks are interested in more information.