Option to have more CDN nodes in non-enterprise plans

Dear Netlify team,

I am building a site with a client that is heavily used in India. However, it seems like the only currently available option to get a CDN node in India (according to this post: Is there a list of where Netlify's CDN pops are located? - #4 by skerkour) is purchasing an enterprise plan which is around 3000$/mo.

My client would be willing to pay a reasonable price for this (e.g. by purchasing an addon like “Pro CDN”) but there is currently no option for it. The issue I see with this that you will get much better performance if you use Cloudflare as a CDN (free). And as the primary reason for building a JAMstack site is load speed, it’s not an option to sacrifice CDN performance. Even though I am a big fan of your platform with regards to user-friendliness and ease of use for devs.

Are there any plans on offering such an addon? Or will this be out of scope for the non-enterprise plans?

Hey there!

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Hey Kyle,
Thanks for the hint. I changed the category.

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Hey there, @maylukas

Thank you so much for letting us know about potential performance issues in India, we appreciate it. Could you share a site with a custom domain that has been impacted? We would like to take a closer look and make sure that it is set up correctly!

Thank you.

Hey Hillary,

the domain is https://www.innerpeacefellowship.org. It’s set up with Netlify DNS so I think the configuration should be fine.

I will attach a summary of the statistics. The page load time is not representative as it also includes background data loading in the background. I am focused on the domain lookup, server connection and server response time.

These sum up to a time for first byte of 1.73 seconds.

Hi, @maylukas

There is an open feature request to add additional Netlify Edge nodes in other places - India being one of the more commonly requested locations. I’ve added this topic to that feature request so if or when this happens we will post and update here. I don’t have an official ETA for when that might be however.

About the pricing for Enterprise, that pricing depends greatly on the contract being signed. No where do we quote Enterprise as being $3000 a month (that I can find at least). If you are curious about pricing for Enterprise, ​please let us know and I will have our sales team reach out to you to discuss it.

Again, I’ve added this input to the feature request to track your interest in seeing more nodes in India.

If you have questions about specific pageload times and what might be done to improve them, would it be possible to make a HAR file recording of the issue?

Hi @luke

Thanks for the update!

The pricing info I got was the answer I received after asking for a quote through your contact form.
I understand that the quote is reasonable for large enterprises but as my client is running an NGO, I declined the offer as it is way above the expected costs.
If there is another option you can offer, I am open for suggestions.

I will see if I can get a HAR recording. As this issue is specific to India I will need to get access to a remote desktop there first.