Opt out of the new env var experience

Is it possible to opt back out of the new experience? It seems to have broken the algolia-netlify plugin


Same, broken for us. Horrible

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It was the new env vars experience. I requested netlify support to roll back to the old experience, removed all Algolia env vars, deleted and re-installed the app and it’s working again.

That’s not completely true.

As you had linked the issue:

It’s happening because Algolia is not natively using Netlify’s environment variables as mentioned by:

We don’t expose them in the UI on our side.

They have their own non-standard setup which is not compatible with the new experience. So, as it turns out, it’s a pending work on their end to add support for this new feature.

If I wasn’t forced into using the new env vars experience in the UI to access the env vars then it would have continued to work fine, rather than breaking my plugins

Hi Felix,

As far as we can tell, nobody forced you to use the new environment variables experience. You, Felix, are the one who opted in on 21 Nov according to the Audit log for your team. I understand that you don’t like how the experience worked and our devs and product team are considering your feedback and how we could improve the experience.

They’ll see any more actionable feedback you have like β€œI wish netlify had XYZ’d with this change” if you’d like to leave any more.

Otherwise, as far as addressing your immediate technical concerns, we can opt you or anyone else, who is blocked, back out of the experience for the time being, if that would unblock you while Algolia or other teams such as your dev team, work to add support for the new settings at Netlify to their plugins.

Thank you for your help rolling back! It certainly fixed my problem.

I had to change a potentially compromised environment variable, can you explain how to do that on this screen, in case I need to for any other of my sites? I used to be able to edit them on this screen. Thanks!


It isn’t obvious, but you can do this from β€œBuildd & deploy” β†’ β€œEnviroment”


Perfect! That’s very useful to know, thank you!

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Thanks for sharing, @negentropics :raised_hands: