Openssl ssl Problem

I am a make the ssl for openssl.
But this ssl is can’t netlify upload
Sorry. I can’t hard english
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Why are you not using the Lets Encrypt SSL that Netlify gives for free? Also, what’s the domain name?

@wees Welcome to the Netlify community.

I’ve never set up a custom certificate on Netlify, but it looks to be possible. Does this documentation help?

I am don’t like R3 sub ca.
and free let’s encrypt is look Unprofessional
I want openssl’s ssl
and my domain is

Does OpenSSL give you these 3 values:

If not, it’s not possible.

Hi, @wees. Note, if you generate your own SSL certificate using openssl you can upload it to Netlify. However, because you created it yourself, it won’t be treated as a secure SSL certificate. People visiting your site with that self-signed certificate will get SSL error and that will be your certificate’s fault - it won’t be caused by Netlify.

I’m not sure what you mean here. If you use your own custom SSL certificate made with openssl then your site will be marked as an insecure by the browser. This to me is unprofessional. You might think using Let’s Encrypt is unprofessional but I do not. Even if you do think using Let’s Encrypt is unprofessional, isn’t having a warning about your custom openssl certificate not being secure even more unprofessional?

If you don’t want to use Let’s Encrypt, your only other option is to purchase an SSL certificate. Purchased SSL certificates (which we do not sell), typically costs hundreds of dollars per year. You can purchase third-party SSL certificates and upload them to Netlify if you want to.

Again, there is no way to make a self-signed openssl certificate secure in the browser. You must get one from a certificate authority (CA) and the only free CA I know of is Let’s Encrypt. Your two choices are to use Let’s Encrypt or pay money. I know of no other options. (Before Let’s Encrypt existed the only solution was to pay money.)

Again, nothing is stopping you from using a PEM format SSL certificate created with openssl (but nothing will make it secure either). If you are getting errors, please let us know what you tried and what the errors were.

If there are questions about any of this, please let us know.

But, I want openssl’s ssl
and i have pem, key, ca’s key
and netlify says “certificate is not a valid PEM certificate”
and openssl is wonderful free ssl site.
(How to use(korean)나만의 스크립트 블로그 :: [인증서]SSL 인증서를 직접 발행해보자. (Windows))

hi there wees, can you read through some of these threads and see if they answer your question?