Old StackBit Repo to Netlify Visual Editor - compliant stackbit.config.ts ?!

Our very old website:

iaeste-hh-ee1a7.stackbit.app, built on Node 14 something using the olde Stackbit Editor.

We want to transition into the new visual editor.

A) there should be lots of sites that were barebone stackbit pages. Is there a guide somewhere made for those kinds of sites?

From what Iunderstand, the steps should be:

  1. make sure you own the repo on your giothub (we do)
  2. make sure a stackbit.config.ts exists (we created one, using the minimal configuration
  3. Configure your content model correctly

B) are there any example files made for/from any of the old StackBit Templates?
It would be mighty helpful if I could see what I need to change based on a similar example.

To fulfill Step 3, I understand I need to itreate through the entire folder /project_root/content/pages , mentally parse every page’s content model and type that up in some custom .ts structured language?

Since I am not sure and manually iterating over files is a big time investment, I wanted to make sure this is going the right way. Here is my current best guess based on one page:

import { GitContentSource } from "@stackbit/cms-git";

export default {
  stackbitVersion: '~0.6.0',
  ssgName: 'nextjs',
  nodeVersion: '14',
  models: {
    Page: {
      fields: [
        { name: 'title', type: 'string', required: true },

I am not sure what my next step should be in order to iterate further until my stackbit.config.js is compliant.

The most recent reload of teh Visual Editor after the above changes returns this funny CTA: