Old Netlify previews are indexed by Google - how to remove?

Some of our old Netlify builds (from 2018) have started to be indexed by Google.

Since these have legacy products, support & legal terms this is creating significant headaches for teams across our business.

Please can someone from Netlify delete the previews in this image. We’ve updated future builds with a script to safeguard against this, but we can’t retrospectively rebuild every deploy.

If it’s indexed by Google, you’d probably have to add your website in Google Search Console and tell the Googlebot to remove it from index. Sadly, there’s nothing Netlify can do to control it.

This isn’t an issue that can be solved through Netlify. You can block URL’s of old deploys through Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools). This article from Google describes this process.

Hi, @edfryed. There is no way to delete an individual deploy. The only way to delete a deploy is to delete all the deploys by deleting the site itself.

If you need to do this for an existing site, the typical workflow is to make a new site and them move the custom domain from the previous site (to be deleted) to the new site.

Once this is done, the previous site can be deleted. This deletes all deploys for the site in question.

I do see there is a support ticket about this as well. Please do reply either place and we will be happy to provide more information about this issue.