My website still appears in google searches even though I've deleted it from netlify

The website doesn’t appear anymore in my netlify dashboard but It wasn’t deleted from google searches.
Help me with this please. now I have a better website so I don’t want it to show up.

Hi @lucasbrumatti99 :wave:t6: even after deleting a site from Netlify, it may still appear in Google search results. This is because Google’s search index may still contain the old site information. To resolve this issue, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new site using the same subdomain on Netlify.
  2. On the new site, create 301 redirects to the correct domain.
  3. Claim the subdomain site in the SEO tools at Google.
  4. Ask Google to reindex the subdomain so that it updates the search results.

Please note that the new site will show a generic 404 error message as once a deploy is deleted, you cannot access any artifacts associated with the deploy, including URLs, deploy logs, or functions unique to the deploy. The deploy permalink for the deleted deploy will no longer work.