Whats happening with my site? Google search results

Hi, I have created a page with gatsby and netlify. Everything have worked great. But a couple of days ago I was gonna check if it was on google. Im new to this and google it, and I found that I should search for site:mysitename… so I did. And I found my page and my subpages. But in the end I found somepages that I had not created, I dont evan have breadcrumbs at the moment on my page.
But I found like 4 pages with www.myurl.com > PopUps If I clicked a link, my header and footer was shown, but the there is a 404 page inbetween… the text on google on this pages is similiar to my content on my page but nothing that I ve written. So it feels someone is using my page for their purpose or something.
Please, what have happend? Have I missed something that someone has used?

Can you provide more specifics about the URLs?

It look like this…I have no popUps pages on my page. The content that google writes out is nothing that I have written, however it is exactly what my page is about…

If I press them I comes to my page but with the error message shown on the page…it is myheader and footer, only that inbetween where the content is, the error a bit down on the image is shown… the “NOT FOUND” text isnt anything I’ve writte either…

Are you saying your domain name is myurl.com?

If so, it doesn’t seem to be pointed to Netlify. What am I missing?

Oh, ok sorry. no…

myUrl is something diffrent…

in netlify its like vitatander.netlify.com
but I have bought an domainname, so my adress is

And if I search site:vitatander.nu on google. This 4-5 strange pages that looks like it on my website shows… but I haven created those. The content google shows on those 4-5 pages, looks like it could fit my content on my page, however it is not something that I havent written…

When I search for site:www.vitatander.nu or site:vitatander.nu, I get only one return, and that’s to your main page.

When I visit your site, it seems to load fine, and I’m not seeing any weird JavaScript that are obviously out of place – just the Webpack stuff, which I assume is safe.

Ok, thanks I get atleast 5 or 6

According to the Internet Archive Wayback machine, that domain name has been in use since 2007, so you may be seeing remnants of previous incarnations.


Hi, @magoo, I removed “Securityissues” from the subject title because this isn’t a security issue or even anything to do with Netlify.

Whether the site is hosted on Netlify or not Netlify, Google works the same way. This is a question about what Google is doing, not what Netlify is doing.

Google’s indexes are not realtime. They will contain both historical pages from the past and also not show changes to sites in realtime. You can make changes to a site and there will be a delay before those changes are reflected in site search results. You can also have search results from old site versions show even when you have deleted those pages (or they existed long ago when someone else controlled the domain).

Here are some links to additional information about how Google site indexing works and what to do about out of date search results:


Again though, this is a question about how Google works and not a question about Netlify. Google’s behavior is independent of where your site is hosted.

@luke is correct, but I think the OP was concerned that code was being inserted into his web pages without his knowledge.

@gregraven @luke
Oh ok, thanks for the answers I will look into the links to see if I can find an answer.

A bit of relif that it wasnt someone using my site for some reason.