Does search engines like google index unfinished sites?

I just deployed my website from Github. Does it get indexed in google? If so I don’t want this. Because my website is still to be completed. And when I finally assign a domain to it I want it to be indexed.

hey @m11ad,

Netlify doesn’t actually have any control over when google decides to crawl and index your sites, but luckily enough, you do!


You can include some meta tags in your page to ask google (and other search engine robots) to not index your page until it is basically ready to publish.

When you have a custom domain and associate that with your netlify site, the content you publish will be indexed under that domain. In fact, domains play an important role in determining your search engine rankings.

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Can I configure an " HTTP response header" in netlify?

I used the noindex as a meta tag, But I think the HTTP header response is more efficient. because the crawler won’t be reading the first and tags neither. is that a way to that in netlify?

Custom headers are indeed a feature available at all account levels, and that should be one you can set:

You could also use robots.txt ( for a similar purpose.

Note that you’ll want to be careful not to deploy either to your production builds, since presumably you don’t want google to fail to index those! This pattern may be of assistance: