My site is not visible in search engines

My site is not able to be reached out by search engine When I deploy I find this message:
Page is blocked from indexing Search engines are unable to include your pages in search results if they don’t have permission to crawl them. Learn more. Blocking Directive Source x-robots-tag: noindex

How can I make my site visible in the search engines?

Most sub-domains don’t work on search engines. Try to buy a top-level domain (com,org,me,io,xyz) instead.

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Thank you! I have just bought a top-level domani but the website is still not visible on search engines Any advice?

This question is probably better asked in a dedicated forum such as the Google Search Console Community.


Netlify automatically ensures that only your currently published production deploy and most recent branch deploys can be indexed by search engines. Requests to Deploy Previews, unpublished production deploys, and old branch deploys will have an X-Robots-Tag: noindex header included in the response. This might be the reason why your site is blocked from indexing.

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Thank you @SamO!
So, what should I do to make my website properly indexed?

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