Odb-handler size is larger than maxiimum supported size of 52.2MB

Hello, I need help resolving the following deploy issue. Would like to solve without setting to fallback blocking. the npm packages it shows as the largest seems like are needed as well

policyscout-v2-stage: Deploy Preview #259: upgrade-packages-4-21-23

The function zip ../../../tmp/zisi-64429c499bace80008f2f405/___netlify-odb-handler.zip size is 157 MB, which is larger than the maximum supported size of 52.4 MB.
There are a few reasons this could happen. You may have accidentally bundled a large dependency, or you might have a
large number of pre-rendered pages included.
The function "___NETLIFY-HANDLER" is larger than the 50MB limit. Please consider reducing it.

This appears to have been fixed in the most recent update of @netlify/plugin-nextjs

glad to find you found your solution!