NextJS deployments stopped working

Yesterday deployments were working but today they stopped. The error is: 10:33:23 AM: Starting to deploy site from ‘app/.next’

10:33:25 AM: Calculating files to upload

10:33:26 AM: 2 new files to upload

10:33:26 AM: 45 new functions to upload

10:33:31 AM: Failed to create function on AWS Lambda: invalid parameter for lambda creation: Unzipped size must be smaller than 256761856 bytes

10:33:31 AM: Failed to upload file: ___netlify-server-handler

The same exact branches were deploying yesterday and now fail with a “re-deploy” with no code changes.

The app is well under the lambda limits (it’s about 25MB zipped)

hey Aaron - this looks to be a duplicate of your post here, to which we’ve followed up

Thanks Marcus, it’s sort of a duplicate since they both started happening with the latest Netlify updates. There are two different errors though… this one was due to the bundle size. Our ___netlify-server-handler was 101.2MB unzipped before. We removed some packages and got it down to about 86.5MB and that’s when we started seeing the error from the other thread “Invalid AWS Lambda parameters used in this request”.

It would be really good to know what the limit is for the application part of the bundle vs the other things added to it. Is it really the case that out of the total 250MB available, only <100MB is usable for the application?

As mentioned in that thread, it was something on our end, so the limits still stand as specified.