Nuxt3 ssr is broken?

I deployed Nuxt3 SSR site on Netlify it was server rendering page previously. But suddenly it stoped doing it. There were no configuration change.


I deployed same site on Varcel for testing is anything wrong with code but it just works on Varcel. I need help to resolve this asap.

The site appears to be working. Is there a specific page or URL that’s broken?

site is working but check the source code it is not being server rendered.

I can see it is being server-rendered with warnings:

You can check the logs here: Netlify App

when I view the page source there is no server rendered html. but same things works perfectly on varcel, but I want to get it working netlify

for instance check this simple site just created and deployed freshly and it also don’t server render HTML

Log says WARN [Vue warn]: Component is missing template or render function.

which I don’t get locally or local production using netlify dev or local production server or varcel

Did I mentioned it was working as expected and well when I firstly deploy earlier. But after some times it just stopped. Looked for solution did not find. Tried fresh project but same.

Hi @nicknames,

I can see some warnings in your site builds: