Nuxt 503 not failing the deployment


I have a website built with Nuxt and WordPress. When the nuxt run generate is used and a 503 error is displayed in the logs, the site continues to publish, but with a safe 404. However, is there a way for the site build to trigger a fail so the live site never deploys with 503’s which turn into 404’s?


Hello @CHEWX, it sounds like your build command is failing but still exits with a 0 value (successful) that’s why the buildbot still published your deploy. You’ll want to make sure your build command exits with a non-zero value since that is how our buildbot knows when your build process fails or succeeds. Let me know if that helps.

Thanks Dennis, I assume this isn’t that I setup on the Netlify side, but within my source code?

I’ve now sorted this, for those looking for an answer, you can add the --fail-on-error flag to fix —

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