Notify pubsubhubbub when deploying website


I want to send notification to a PubSubHubBub relay when deploying a website. Using curl I would do curl -X POST '' -d'hub.mode=publish' -d'hub.url=<URL> however the web hooks are only offering to specify the URL.

Would I need to turn to lambdas to do that, how much would that extra cost be about?


Hey @fabienpenso :wave:t2:

Without digging too deep into this, yeah if you need to specify custom form-encoded body content, you’ll probably want to proxy that through a Netlify Function since you’ll get all the control you need to set that up.

In terms of pricing, Netlify Functions has a ridiculous free tier :stuck_out_tongue: Per:

They’re currently priced on a number-of-invocations basis… and free until you pass 125k invocations in a month. If you’re just using functions for build hooks, I don’t think there’s possibly a way that could happen. So free :slight_smile:


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Thanks. I guess I can then just that as a post-commit git hook on my laptop, or I’ll add a Netlify function.


Yep! I’d recommend setting up a deploy web hook to the site’s own Function :slight_smile:

Hi, @fabienpenso. You can also make the part of your “build command” at Netlify.

You can have the last step of whatever the build process that is run that curl command as part of the build script at Netlify.

Thanks for the update and quick reply. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread.