Not receiving email included with Bluehost after switching to Netlify

My website was originally hosted with Bluehost, which includes a free email with hosting. I redid the website, and am hosting with Netlify now. I still want to use the free email from Bluehost, but since I changed the Nameservers in Bluehost to point to Netlify, I can no longer receive emails, or even login outside of the Bluehost client.

I added an MX record to Netlify pointing to , and still nothing. Bluehost said I should add their Nameservers to Netlify Nameservers, but don’t see an option for that.


Any guidance is appreciated, thanks!

hi there, did you give this thread a read through already?

No I didn’t see that one, honestly I wasn’t even sure how to word the problem since I wasn’t completely sure what it was! ImprovMX is doing what I need now, thank you!

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