Not receiving any data when filling in a form (site is deployed)

I’ve deployed my site via Netlify on production:
I’m trying to learn how to create forms and also retreive data.
As you can see, I’ve filled in the form twice but I don’t see any data. Hope someone is able to help me with this. Thanks!

It’s because no fields were detected in your form: Netlify App

Try putting the <input> element inside the <label>

Thanks for your response @hrishikesh - much appreciated!
I’ve just updated the code with your feedback. The input element is now inside the label. I’ve deleted the page and deployed it again with the latest code.

But again, i’m not retreiving any data. Only that a form has been submitted. Here’s a screenshot.Please let me know if you know what happened? :slight_smile:

Hi @meiwe0eo2,

Thanks for the follow-up.

I do see this message in the deploy log:

You’ll want to ensure that the form fields all have name attributes (name="").

Let us know if you continue to have issues with forms. Thanks!