Not able to access the hosted website

Hi team, I have created and deployed an angular application on Netlify with external domain.
I am not able to access it. Can someone please help me.

Site domain:

I do not see any DNS configuration for that points to Netlify. In fact, I see no A or CNAME records as shown in Zoho Toolkit.

First, decide if you want to use Netlify DNS or external DNS

Once decided, follow either the Netlify DNS or external DNS documentation and ensure you’ve correctly added the custom domain to your site.

Also check out this support guide

Good place to start with troubleshooting is this support guide

Thank you for the response! I have configured the Netlify DNS already hence my website is sometimes running on some network (JIO 4G). But it does not gets accessed everywehere. Can this be because I configured my DNS yesterday only. And it takes 48 hours to work?

One possible reason is the DNS changes haven’t propagated yet.

Another possibility is the DNS records are not properly configured.

I am hedging a bet it is the latter as DNS Checker show no A records nor any CNAME records for It also shows the NS records as those of Google Domains, not Netlify DNS.

I have configured DNS, CName I have added today and for A record it shows that I have already configured Netlify record so I cannot add another A record.

  1. You shouldn’t have the CNAME record.
  2. I mentioned in my last reply that current DNS for is handled by Google, not Netlify.
    % dig NS	21600	IN	NS	21600	IN	NS	21600	IN	NS	21600	IN	NS

Check out Google Domains Manage domain name servers to ensure you have made the necessary changes correctly.