"non-zero exit code: 2" error code in deployment

Hi There!
My name is dany ventura.
I’m having issues deploying a project based on Tailwindcss. (see pic. above)
This is the error message: “non-zero exit code: 2”
Here is a link the the repo with the project’s code:

HI @danyventura,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

I believe the error is easier to see here:

11:47:56 AM: Error message
11:47:56 AM: Deploy did not succeed: Deploy directory ‘build’ does not exist

Could you try changing your build command here:

Please change the Publish directory to the following:

Publish directory:

Let us know if you continue to have issues. Thanks!

Good Morning Melvin,

I’ve changed the publish directory to “Not set” but I’m still getting the same error message

please advise.
Best Regards

Dany V.

Here is the " Deploying" log datails

My Git-Hum Repo:

Hi @danyventura,

I see markdown for my post was unexpectedly changed,

You’ll need to change the Publish Directory on build settings so it’s empty (leave blank). The placeholder text (when it is blank (empty) is Not set. You don’t want to change it to Not set cause then it’s looking for a folder named Not set. The screenshot uploaded is showing the placeholder text that appears when the Publish Directory field is blank (empty).

Sorry for the confusion.

It’s working! Ive managed to delete the repo and the.git hidden Dir. tried it right now and its on-line. I did notice that the Dircetory was empty this time around.
Thank you so much, You are a very kind professional :smile: