Couldn't deploy my clone website including tailwind css

I’m not able to deploy my clone website including tailwind css. Here’s the link to my git repository HERE and here’s the link created by netlify for the same HERE

@taniya What you’ve supplied as the repository is not the same thing that you have deployed on Netlify, I can tell this immediately as it’s missing the entire images folder.

Your ultimate issue however is that you don’t have your Basic build settings configured correctly.

Specifically you don’t have your Publish directory set.

This is causing Netlify to use the default, which is the root, and subsequently you’ve deployed your source files, which you can confirm here:

As you are working with Vite, and it outputs to dist you want to set your Publish directory to dist

I mistakenly provided wrong set of links. Link1 this is the git link and the site link created by netlify link2 And the publish directory is set to dist and yet many of the images are not visible in website

@taniya As mentioned, there is no /images/ folder in that repository, so of course there won’t be any files that reference /images/ in the output.

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I’ll check and correct it! Thankyou!!