NoCode on Netlify

Hey guys. I’ve built what I think is a pretty cool integration with Netlify.

It allows you to build custom applications and beautiful websites without writing any code and then deploy them directly to Netlify.

So you get the benefit of Netlify’s awesome global infrastructure but can also build real sites and applications with a simple points and click UI.

Is anyone interested in a tool like this? Feel free to check it out here:

Also I created a short video demonstrating how it works: Build on WeBase, Deploy to Netlify - YouTube

Happy discuss this with anyone interested in NoCode on Netlify!


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Sounds super interesting! I personally would test it out if there was a trial, purely out of my developer-esque curiosity. Love seeing the movement towards NoCode becoming mainstream. I love the UI that I can see from your landing page, what other technologies do you use? The db style reminds me of airtable.