No reply to support emails sent

I have sent 2 support emails, third just now, I’ll paste what I wrote in the support ticket here.

I am writing on the behalf of the user

Unable to add the domain to the site “jiffyso”. Also I’d like to add the domain to Netliyfs Managed DNS but that doesn’t work either. I keep getting the error “name has a conflicting custom domain in another account”.

I tried adding the domain via the “Domain” tab on the dashboard. Also, this is the 3rd support email I am sending, no reply to the first two, would really appreciate some acknowledgement email once a support ticket has been raised.


Hi, @sahil1. I see only two support tickets and not three. We have replied to both support tickets you have opened (tickets # 143727 and 142767) within 12 hours of them being opened. There is no third support ticket can I can find. If you have a third support ticket please let us know the ticket number and we can find it that way.

We are not getting email bounces for the replies so if you don’t see them in your inbox, please contact the technical support for your email service to find out what is happening to the emails. They are being sent and your email service is confirming they are delivered successfully.

I’ll also reply here with the same reply that was sent to the support ticket:

It does appear that domain name is already linked to another Netlify account. There are several ways to resolve this.

First, if you have access to the Netlify account where this domain is already being used, please delete the other site or domain configuration there first (or ask that account owner to do so).

Once any DNS zones and site configurations for this domain are removed from the existing account, it will be possible to add it to your account.

Second, if you don’t have access to the other site or team settings, our Support team can remove the link between this domain name and the other Netlify site/team - provided you can verify ownership or control of the domain.

We have a guide in our Support Forums that explains how to create the verification record here:

If the verification TXT record is created, our support team will be happy to delete the configurations for this domain from the other account.

Please let us know if there are any questions and/or which solution above is preferred.