Bought Domain Name, Now Showing Error and "Contact Support" - But Unable to Contact Them Directly

Hi all,

I was trying to order a custom domain through Netlify. It said the domain was available, but after I purchased it (I did confirm that the purchase went through on my card), I received and error message that read:

“Unable to order domain with this domain name. Please contact support with the domain name for the assistance.”

Problem is, I’m on a free account, and it won’t let me reach out to support directly. Any ideas on how to get in contact and sort this out?


We managed to order the domain fine as far as I can tell; you can configure it here: . What happens when you try?

Our Support team reads all posts in the forum (hi, I’m one of them :)) and we’ll make sure things you post get answers from our staff where the community can’t help, in cases like these.